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100 Smoking Hot Resources to Learn Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is an ever evolving industry. If you don’t keep up to date with industry development you can easily be left behind. In light of this I have developed the top 100 resource list to learn digital marketing. The list is compiled of sites that have helped me grow as a digital marketer and I hope you will find them useful to. Drop ... Read More »

The Next Report: 10 Epic Digital Marketing Fails


Dear reader, don’t let my title mislead you. I admit, it is attention grabbing and has worked well to get you here but I am not about to slag off Next Direct  but instead want to make some informed, constructive suggestions for improving their digital marketing and SEO. For those of you who are familiar with Next they are an offline and ... Read More »

New Library Gatecrashes Dun Laoghaire’s Seafront

dun laoghaire library

Do you love it or loathe it Dun Laoghaire? Spending €36.6 Million on a new Library during a recession was always going to be controversial but the monumental scale and design of the library has added flames to the fury. The results on the first page of Google (for Dun Laoghaire New Library) personifies the mood: “New €36.6m Dún Laoghaire ... Read More »

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