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A Day in the Life of The Collector

horror print

I am fascinated by old books, photographs and prints that people collect over a life time. As individual objects they are mesmerising and as a collection they begin to represent something deeper and more personal. A collection can tell a story. It can provide insight into personality and character. When looking  through the collection of books and prints I begin ... Read More »

Will You Flip Out Over Flipagram?


“Yet another App”, I hear you say. Keep your pants on and keep will be worth it Flipagram is an App that creates short flip book style videos from photographs stored on your mobile device, Instagram or Facebook profile. It is the fastest and easiest way of creating videos from still images that I have tried. To review the App ... Read More »

Digital Marketing Rock Stars in 2014

the coronas

2014 is the year of the digital marketing rock stars! With multi-channel digital marketing becoming more important this year, these guys have spent considerable time and effort blazing it up on content, social media, email marketing. So drum rolls please… On content we have Brix Workwear You know the saying “thank Crunchie it’s Friday”? That should be changed to “thank Brix ... Read More »

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