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5 Ways to Get Digital Marketing Results With a Limited Budget


  The goals are set for your digital marketing campaign but you have a limited budget to achieve them. This scenario will sound familiar to many start-ups, SME marketers and digital entrepreneurs. The solution is to think on your feet and use digital marketing tools and techniques that won’t break the bank. In this post I will explore 5 free ... Read More »

Personalisation: Smart Digital Marketing


Online consumer behaviour has evolved over the past few years. Consumers now expect more from website experiences. From fast load times to a personalised and more tailored user experience. In this post I am going to talk about the latter of the two, personalisation. Personalisation is the art of tailoring user experience to one’s digital profile or digital footprint. It ... Read More »

2015: Open the Floodgates of Digital Marketing Creativity


You are probably bored of reading soothsaying digital marketers hyping the next big thing for 2015.  It’s that time of the year! But, don’t worry. This post isn’t about digital marketing predications. But rather a calls for arms for digital marketers to tap into their creativity side in 2015. Some are already doing it. And if you are not, let’s ... Read More »

5 Useful Resources for Surefooted Digital Marketing Research


The research phase of a digital marketing plan is often one of the important. It is at this stage that you find out key information about your target market such as demographic information, social and economic information, browser habits and social media engagement. Having your research qualified by real data will help inform the later stage of your digital marketing ... Read More »

Digital Marketing Project 2: DIY Product Photography


Last week I wrote a post about a digital marketing project I started  for my girlfriends blog, The project is moving along slowly but surely. She has picked a WordPress theme called Isabelle. The theme is fully responsive and has many of the features that we are looking for. We may have to purchase some additional plugins though, such as ... Read More »

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